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Butterfly to the people

Published April 27, 2012 by Dreamreflector

I saw this year’s first butterfly today! I was so happy. Don’t you just love butterflies? I know I do. And that’s why I decided to do a post with a few pictures of butterflies, taken by me of course C: Enjoy!

I think butterflies are a great example of how nature can create amazing beautiful things, just like that C: Just look at that colour

This guy had his eye on me ;D

Beautiful. Looking at these instantly cheers me up.

And a design of timeless dots. And black of course.

A more complicated pattern.

There you go, a few beautiful butterflies. Hope they flew right to your heart ^^

A dream quote for today: ” I reject your reality and substitute it for my own.” <3


Things I am going to do someday vol 3

Published April 24, 2012 by Dreamreflector

Part one

Part two

Okay so part three it is :D At this point I want to say that the things I have already said I am going to do are in no particular order, just in the order in which they came to mind, and I will continue with that.

  • Visit the cloud forest in Costa Rica

This has been a dream of mine for quite a long time.

It’s so beautiful. I mean the trees, the birds the everything! It’s just a place I have to see.

Plus, this would be sooo amazing

  • Cook a gourmet meal from scratch

I can cook a bit of course. I made a delicious beef just today. And I can make a killer pizza, with self baked dough and all. But I would really love to be able to make something truly glamorous, a true gourmet dish. I mean I love food, and I love to eat out. And I have tasted some of the most sweetest things. I have had dishes like “Fried fillet of reindeer from Inari and ptarmigan from Utsjoki, creamed sheep polyporus mushroom, terrine of cold-smoked reindeer and new crop potatoes served with dark game sauce “. It tasted so good. And sounds fancy. And would certainly impress anyone. So I would really love to know how to make something like that.

I am so hungry right now. To the fridge I say! :D

But before that, a dream quote for today: “Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.” ^^

Things I am going to do someday vol 2

Published April 23, 2012 by Dreamreflector

You can read part 1 here:

  •  Attend a rock climbing course

I have always loved to climb on things, and I still do. Remembering those childhood summers, and knowing that a person my age climbing a tree in public, is not really considered socially acceptable, I figured this would be the mature thing to do.

I remember one time, me and my friend spotted a “Glacial erratic” -see I’m trying really hard to be mature :DD basically that’s just a huge rock- in the woods, and decided to climb on top of it. It was at least three meters (so about 10 ft) high, and very very slippery, but we managed to get on top with the help of a rope we knotted to a pine tree on the opposite side of the side we were going to climb. Our mother’s almost had heart attacks when they found out of course, but I had found a passion.

  • Learn an exotic language

Of course many would argue that Finnish is an exotic language, and I suppose for many it is, but it being my native language, I am certainly not going to settle for that.

Then there is of course the maybe too obvious fact that I also know English. And rather well too, I’d like to think, for someone not native I mean. But I think everyone agrees the words English and exotic have nothing more in common but the initial e vowel. So that won’t do either.

I also know a bit of Swedish. But that’s compulsory in Finland, and Imo one of the most useless languages there is, simply because it’s only spoken in Sweden and they all know English. So that’s a no too.

Then the last and I’d say the most unusual item in my language repertoire: Russian. It does tick the exotic box for quite a few people, but when I say exotic, I really mean exotic. Oh and almost forgot. I know a bit of sing language too. That’s kinda exotic? But I really love to talk so I need a language that’s spoken.

So what would I like to learn then, you ask? I do realise that I already know more languages than some people ever will. But what would really do the trick for me is something really out of the norm. Something like Bengali. Many people living here in Europe or in America probably haven’t even heard about the Bengali language. And I have never known anyone who spoke it, in fact I have never even heard someone knowing someone who spoke it. And yet it’s one of the most spoken languages in the world. Useful and definitely exotic.

So that’s two more things to the to do list for life ^^

A dream quote for today: “Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success.” <3

Keep your dreams growing and your goals groomed!

Things I am going to do someday vol 1

Published April 20, 2012 by Dreamreflector

At some point in their life, I think everyone gets to a point where they reflect on their past experiences and decide what more there is to be done in life. I have done something like that today. But because I feel I have so much to say about these, I am going to do several posts (don’t know how many yet, we’ll see) about what I want to do in life. And I am going to write about one or two things per post, depending on how much I have to say about them. Hope you enjoy reading these, and maybe find some things that you too want to do. Or maybe you have done some of these already! If you have, I would love for you to comment about it. Okay here we go!

  • Get married

I think for those of you who have bared with me a while longer, this is something rather obvious, and it has been that way for me too. True love, for which I miraculously still have faith for, to me demands marriage. But of course, marriage itself as a goal would be stupid. There’s no point in marrying someone just to get married. So that’s why I need an other goal.

  • Fall in love

That’s probably even more obvious to you :D But it’s true. I don’t feel the need to present much argument for this. I’ve never met a person who hasn’t wanted to fall in love. Sure we all have moments when we think, fuck love, but sooner or later we’ll still end up wanting to feel it. I’m really not that into rap music, but this Finnish rap song really has a cute take on love. The artists are Leijonamieli and Putkimiehet (Literally The lion mind and the plumbers) and the song is called “Laulu sadepäivän varalle” (A song for in case of a rainy day) Enjoy the sound of Finnish C:


Here are the lyrics in English, translated by me:

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines, this is my song for in case of a rainy day.



This is my song for in case of a rainy day

I know I won’t stay alone

Something great was missing

The direction of the wind of my life changed

I can see the sun already


What is the thing for which sake you have resorted to desperate acts

The thing for which sake there has been war and murder

But without it one is so very frustrated

What is the thing who cuddles you and to whom you unload your sorrows

The thing that makes you think “what the f**k”

since because of it both your eyes and jaw drop.

Many people have to search it from deep down

To ask it from the above in their nightly prayers

Young people search for it, it supports in the midst of worry

It brings out the most sensitive side in the toughest of men

Everybody searches it, some will never find it

It puts down the arrogant, and raises up the humble

It is thrown away in anger

It gets you to collect seven flowers under your pillow on midsummer night

When I look at it I see so many d*mn good things

that to describe it I need Dave’s big pen


Now she sleeps next to me, burrowed in my armpit

At her most beautiful with the shape of the pillow pressed on her cheek

It’s the feeling of togetherness on dark nights

when both my soul and body tingle under her touch

when she came to visit me for the first time

she gave coloured pencils to my black and white world

causing a never-ending beating of my heart

forcing me to seek an answer to the question

Why me

Why did it choose me, a man who has shards of glass in his heart

Why me

Why did it choose me, a man who yesterday painted a devil to a wall

The answer:

It doesn’t ask us time or place

It gets our priorities straight, it renews us

It was lost, but has now come back

It’s the worlds greatest feeling -being in love!


This is probobly my favourite part

For so long the sun rose black

you’re heart starts to hurt when you walk alone in the darkness for long enough

thinking, won’t these days give me any light at all

That’s when I saw a flash from the sun under the gray sky

I want to believe in faith and build it with you

In the middle of the storm you stood, at the end of a rainbow

S**t piles up but that too I can all carry

When I’ve got someone next to me, with whom to divide the burden


Phew, that was it. And this is one of the reasons why I normally don’t like rap music. The lyrics are soooo long. Hope someone had the patience to read those through, because there are many great points in it about love.

A dream quote for today: ” Dreams get you into the future and add excitement to the present.” ^^


Cheer up C:

Published April 12, 2012 by Dreamreflector

I felt like I needed some cheering up after the restless night, and looked through some of my favourite artworks (mostly photographs since I am a photographer myself). They truly are beautiful. Many of them have to do with my dreams which, as many of you might already know by now, are plentiful. So I simply could not resist some of those beautiful photos with you today.

Note: These are not my works and I do not own the rights to them, I just hope to show them to you.

The first artist I want to showcase is a magnificent Ukrainian artist called Alexander Khomenko. He really has incredible talent, and I just love the tenderness in his photographs. He is able to capture emotion in a way that Imo cannot be matched by any one else. Further more many of the scenes he’s created are something I’ve always dreamed about. Here are a few of his works, more can be found on his website at

Now who wouldn’t want to have something like that?! I know I would ^^

And a beautiful evening scene <3

Do I even have to say anything?! I think not. Any one with a heart will know what I’m thinking…

And an other artist I want to feature, whose works always cheer me up. They’re not exactly daydreamy, but yea, I love them. Introducing the Two guys and a guy strips, drawn by Rickard Johansson. They tell the story of a three people a woman named Guy a man named Wayne and a man named Frank. These are just so funny. Here are a few, more can be found on the website

008 – Have it Made

010 – Rejection

040 – Breakdown

Hope you enjoyed these! I know I did <:

Sometimes the little things turn out to be the big things

Published April 10, 2012 by Dreamreflector

Every time I have driven the motorway between my home town and our capital Helsinki, I have gone into a childlike state of utter cheerfulness at a specific point. For as long as I can remember, an old spruce, has grown in the berm. It was not an ordinary spruce: thanks to some sort of infection, its treetop had grown into a huge ball. I had given the tree a well-fitting nick name “Pallo kuusi” (meaning “the ball spruce”). I have always found it so funny and encouraging at the same time, that such a freak of nature could keep on living. How ever I had never even dared to guess, that some one else might have noticed it, not to mention found it as intriguing as I did.

Today as I was browsing some articles in the website of a local paper, I found something. It was shocking at first, then incredibly touching. An article titled “Moottoritien maamerkki on poissa” (meaning “the landmark of the motorway is gone”). The ball in the treetop had snapped of for it was two heavy -no wonder as the balls diameter was close to two meters :O

At first I was so shocked and sad to hear the faith of my beloved tree. But then I realised something else.

Firstly that someone had actually written an article about that tree! I was not the only one who had noticed. Not at all.

Secondly having scrolled to the end of the article I looked at the comments. There were hundreds and hundreds of them! People commenting on how much they loved the poor tree. “I knew right away having read the headline that it was about the ball spruce. I had a really deep connection to it. Rest in peace.” That person even had the same nick name for the tree ^^


Sorry about the shouting there, I had to make sure that if people get bored they’ll at least spot the most important bit C:

Anyway, there’s nothing more to say than Rest in peace Ball spruce <3

Pallokuusi jökötti paikallaan vuosikymmeniä.

And a dream quote: “All [wo]men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous [wo]men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.” ^^