Cheer up C:

Published April 12, 2012 by Dreamreflector

I felt like I needed some cheering up after the restless night, and looked through some of my favourite artworks (mostly photographs since I am a photographer myself). They truly are beautiful. Many of them have to do with my dreams which, as many of you might already know by now, are plentiful. So I simply could not resist some of those beautiful photos with you today.

Note: These are not my works and I do not own the rights to them, I just hope to show them to you.

The first artist I want to showcase is a magnificent Ukrainian artist called Alexander Khomenko. He really has incredible talent, and I just love the tenderness in his photographs. He is able to capture emotion in a way that Imo cannot be matched by any one else. Further more many of the scenes he’s created are something I’ve always dreamed about. Here are a few of his works, more can be found on his website at

Now who wouldn’t want to have something like that?! I know I would ^^

And a beautiful evening scene <3

Do I even have to say anything?! I think not. Any one with a heart will know what I’m thinking…

And an other artist I want to feature, whose works always cheer me up. They’re not exactly daydreamy, but yea, I love them. Introducing the Two guys and a guy strips, drawn by Rickard Johansson. They tell the story of a three people a woman named Guy a man named Wayne and a man named Frank. These are just so funny. Here are a few, more can be found on the website

008 – Have it Made

010 – Rejection

040 – Breakdown

Hope you enjoyed these! I know I did <:


2 comments on “Cheer up C:

  • Those pics are beautiful!! i love romantic photography ! i think its because its something i hope for ..romance lol And the second cartoon is hilarious hahah

    • Yes I know! I wish I was as good a photographer. And that’s why I fall in love with the pictures again and again every time I see them.. They tell the stories I would like to be about me. And I just love those cartoons :DD Manfred the unicorn would have been a classic I’m sure ;D

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