Surreal night scapes

Published November 28, 2012 by Dreamreflector

I took an other shot at shooting night scapes last night. I ended up with pictures that look pretty cool, but are far from realistic. I still have a lot to learn about night photography, and I do feel that the settings were closer to the right ones on the first try, but no matter. Here are a few surreal night scapes, hope you like them.

NOTE: I have not edited the colors or light afterwards. The only thing I’ve done to these post shooting was straightening the horizon in one picture.

This is the city church. The picture was taken at about 12.15 am. and you can see the stars, but the lighting is very surreal :D It still looks cool to me though. And the glow in the upper right corner is actually the moon in case someones wondering.

I’ve always been a fan of reflections and the city lights reflecting to the water was a pretty inspiring sight. I could so easily imagine making a painting or fabric from the patterns… If I only knew how

It might be just me but I really feel there is an armageddonish feel to this picture. The blurriness of the clouds is due to the combination of their rabid movement and my cameras long shutter time :D

A nearby street with a familiarly surreal look. Realistic? – Not really. Beautiful? – Absolutely.

A dream quote for today: “Dreams are the seedlings of realities.” ^^


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