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Glimpses of a Juhannus feast

Published June 22, 2013 by Dreamreflector

Yesterday we celebrated Juhannus with my family in our summer cottage. I have always enjoyed this tradition and the smaller traditions within the day. Here are a few shots taken that day.


One of the Juhannus day traditions, my collection of seven flowers to be put under the pillow: Campanula patula, Archillea millefolium, Vicia cracca, Trifolium pratense, Leucanthemum vulgare, Ranunculus acris and Matricaria perforata. Still no dream man in my dream :c Maybe next year.


A three teared midsummer’s strawberry cake : P Yummy.


My grandpa enjoying the Juhannus eve.


A beautiful way to end the day: a midsummer sunset around 0.30 AM

A dream quote for today: “I know nothing with certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream” ^^


Mommy duck

Published June 20, 2013 by Dreamreflector

The bed of reeds on our summer cottages beach has become home to a proud mommy duck and her babies. I caught the family on a tilted tree trunk on our beach and got to witness a pretty interesting series of events. Luckily I had my camera on hand and managed to get some photos of this as well.


At first I thought that the mother duck was sitting funny and looked a little chubby…


Soon it became obvious that the duck had in fact been warming her nine baby ducklings under her wings.


It was a cute family scene… until


Something threatening came towards the family. I didn’t see what it was but my guess would be the mink.


Suddenly the mom left and the ducklings were left alone. I tried to figure out why the mom left and came to the conclusion that the mother’s aims was to create a distraction, so that the babies could get away safely. Soon after, the ducklings had disappeared into the reeds, but the mom was nowhere to be seen. I got a little worried. Had the mink possibly made that dedicated mother into a dinner? I observed the situation and for a few hours there was nothing. But after about two and a half hours, the mother reappeared, seemingly unharmed. I was SO happy for them!

Today’s dream quote: “Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true” ^^


Lichen spoting part 3

Published June 19, 2013 by Dreamreflector

This is the final part of a series of post featuring photos I took on a university field course on lichens.

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C: :) :P

If someone knows what the little fellow in the first picture is, please let me know! C:

That’s it from the Lichen course. I am left with a stack of good pictures but little knowledge of lichens. Perhaps not the aim of the course but I don’t regret taking it :D

Today’s dream quote: “The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were.”


Lichen spoting part 2

Published June 16, 2013 by Dreamreflector

More pictures from my lichen spotting course C:

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Enjoy! ^^


This picture was taken from Koli, a very famous place (at least in Finland), that has also been under conservation for a really long time. That makes it a great place to study lichens, since they grow really slowly.



Although we were supposed to focus on lichens, I found the mosses more interesting :D


A more unknown part of the Koli area is the nearby old-growth forest, which we also visited as a part of the course. The picture above is an other happy accident. I was trying to take a picture of the underside of a polypore but because I couldn’t look through the viewer I didn’t notice that the picture was only focused right at the bottom and that the sunlight was reflecting from the lens :D None the less I really like this picture. It’s not realistic at all but it sure is interesting.

A dream quote for today: “Sometimes the dreams that come true are the one’s you never even knew you had” <3

The final part of the series coming soon ^^

Lichen spoting

Published June 10, 2013 by Dreamreflector

I had the opportunity to take a week-long intensive course on lichens a few weeks ago. After the course, it’s safe to say that lichens, though beautiful in their own way, are not really my cup of tea. However, I had my camera with me, and managed to get some interesting photos amid the lichen exploration :D

My Internet has been down for at least a week now, so that’s why this post hasn’t come until now. In fact I think it’s still down, I’m just at a different city right now.

Enjoy ^^




As you can see, I was somewhat distracted and disconnected from my lichen flow :DD I have no idea who this little caterpillar will be when he grows up… I wish I knew.

More pictures coming up soon C:

A dream quote for today: “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we’re living our fears.”