Lichen spoting part 2

Published June 16, 2013 by Dreamreflector

More pictures from my lichen spotting course C:

Check out the first part here ->

Enjoy! ^^


This picture was taken from Koli, a very famous place (at least in Finland), that has also been under conservation for a really long time. That makes it a great place to study lichens, since they grow really slowly.



Although we were supposed to focus on lichens, I found the mosses more interesting :D


A more unknown part of the Koli area is the nearby old-growth forest, which we also visited as a part of the course. The picture above is an other happy accident. I was trying to take a picture of the underside of a polypore but because I couldn’t look through the viewer I didn’t notice that the picture was only focused right at the bottom and that the sunlight was reflecting from the lens :D None the less I really like this picture. It’s not realistic at all but it sure is interesting.

A dream quote for today: “Sometimes the dreams that come true are the one’s you never even knew you had” <3

The final part of the series coming soon ^^


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