A dose of Drosera

Published July 10, 2013 by Dreamreflector

I have had a real fascination towards carnivorous plants for a long time now. We only have a measly three species of them here in Finland, and all of those are of the genus Drosera. I headed to one of my favorite swamps for some close ups of the little fellows. And yes, I am still in love with the macro lens.

Enjoy! C:


A close up of the tips of two Drosera longifolia leaves


An other Drosera longifolia leaf


An above view of a Drosera rotundifolia leaf

A few Drosera longifolia flowers, not open, unfortunately, but that might have been too good to be true, considering the fact that they are only open for a short while on a random sunny day. Love the picture esthetically though C:

A dream quote for today: “It starts with a dream. Add faith and it becomes a belief. Add action and it becomes a part of life. Add perseverance and it becomes a goal in sight. Add patience and time and it ends with a dream come true.” ^^


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