How to untangle a mind at a melt down

Published December 5, 2013 by Dreamreflector

I’ve been a poor blogger again. And I’ve been crazy busy, which is not new either. One day, after having spent quite a few hours desperately trying to grasp the concept of type 2 nucleofilic substitution (aka some mind boggling chemistry shit), I wondered what could clear out the cluttered recesses of my mind.

Oh, photography!  I’ll just take my tripod and take some beautifully crisp and clear evening shots by the beach…. Waaaaiiiiit. How’s crisp and clear gonna relate to me when I’m more coarse and chaotic?  

With that, I ditched the whole serenity theme, and the tripod, and went all out with some really abstract light graffiti photography. A great way to unwind!






Once again, no photoshop or anything the likes of used. Just added the signature with Paintbrush.

A dream quote for today: “Follow your dreams, they know the way” – Kobe Yamada


4 comments on “How to untangle a mind at a melt down

  • Lovely effects! Photography is the only thing I can get really absorbed into – I know how you feel! Funnily enough, I have scheduled a similar kind of picture for tomorrow – when I was messing about with my camera when we had a fire in the garden!

  • there is something completely refreshing and at the same time relaxing about photography, isn’t there? these are brilliant clicks! thanks for sharing. and thank you for your visit to my blog. much appreciated :)

    • You are absolutely right, you just forget everything else when you start looking for that perfect snap! You are very welcome, and I’ll send the thanks right back to you! Wonderful of you to drop by C:

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