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Curse these “wonder phones”!

Published May 27, 2014 by Dreamreflector

It’s been way toooo long since I’ve posted any photos to this bellowed blog of mine. But there’s a reason: It’s been waaaaaay toooo long since I have actually taken “real” pictures. I know what’s to blame too. I got a new cell phone. For the past two years before the new phone, I had the most basic phone with no extras at all. You couldn’t even use the internet with that fellow. But now, my friends, things have changed. I have a new iPhone 5 and that baby does everything. There’s internet, there’s camera, there’s flashlight, there’s all sorts of games and there’s apps for everything I could possibly need. Upon getting to me, the phone has sneakily managed to sent my camera, computer, music player, wii and flashlight to an early pension. While it’s good to have everything on hand in one thing, this also makes me practically addicted to my phone; a tragic faith I’ve seen happen with many of my friends earlier. Has this ever happened to any of you guys? 

All this then, leads to me leaving everywhere thinking “why carry that heavy old camera, if I see something interesting, I’ll just snap a shot with my phone.” Although the camera in the iPhone may be decent enough, it is by no means a match to a real camera. But still I’m now in the situation where in a period of a few months I have taken hundreds of photos with my cell and none with my real camera. WHAT A SHAMEFUL THING! 

From now on I intend to take my real camera along with me more again. It is way too young for pension!

However just to get you guys some photos, and to highlight my point, here is a random array of cell phone photography. Enjoy… or take it as a lesson! It’s a pretty good recap of the year so far :D

First of, me cutting a chunk of raw reindeer meat with a pocket knife! This is what everybody does in Finland folks :D
Just kidding, it was the first time for me. I was visiting my boyfriends parents and he’s from Lapland. Not exactly a flattering shot either but I’ll live.
Me xD
Then, a snap shot from a walk on a foggy day a while back. 
Next, a pretty unrealistic looking shot from the darkroom I took in the midst of processing some film photos. 
One nights creative impulse willed to reality: Winnie and hunny -snow sculpture :D
My Frida Kahlo look for a costume party :D 
I ran into this guy on a course trip to an organic cow farm. What a happy life he had.
And finally, a photo from our darkroom collectives little photography exhibition. I only had three photos on show, and I was forced to pic them in a rush from a single 36 frame T-max film I had with me at the time, but it was still cool, because it was the first time my photos have been publicly shown on paper. 

There you have it! I promised you random shots from my cell phone :D And random they indeed are.