Who’s that girl?

This is the voice of a young woman from Finland. This is the voice of an amateur photographer, a hopeful romantic, a blissful dreamer, a wannabe positive thinker, a proud believer and a person trying to get by.

This blog consists of photography with a sprinkling of Unpredictable musings. Thank you for stopping by, please enjoy! ^^

This blog is a sister blog to my singing blog http://mymelodyrealities.wordpress.com please feel free to make a stop there too C:

Please note that all the copyrights to the photography on this blog belong to Me, Dreamreflector, unless otherwise stated. My work may not be reproduced, copied, tubed, uploaded, edited, published, transmitted or used in any other way without my prior permission.


9 comments on “Who’s that girl?

  • Hey its Forgotten-Soul85 from Deviant Art not sure if you remember me or not but I am still a big fan of your photography. I am currently in the procress of making on magazine and wanted to ask you for permission to include your photography in it. You of course be credited for the photos, and the copyright for them will have your name with the credit. Also I would like for you to be one of the featured people in the magazine if you would like. Well let me know hope to hear from you soon. :)

    • Hey Forgotten-Soul85 I have not forgotten you. Congratulations on this new project! What kind of magazine is this? Of course I’ll give you my permission, provided that everything works out as you said, my right to the photos is taken seriously and I get credited. And being featured in the magazine sounds like an honer. What would you like me to do? C: I could contact you via e-mail for further discussion about this?

  • Sure you can contact me by email for further details. What I would do is use your photos as the back cover art for it. It will be a monthly serial for the most about 70-100 pages per issue. It features my two stories I am writing, a poetry article, a band of the month, movie reviews, video game spotlight, books to check out, and more. You will be credited for the photos in the copyright page which is the first page along with everyone else for the use of the material. Featured Person of the month I talk about amazing people I have come across throughout life spotlight their passions, inspirations, artworks, and anything else that you would like talked about. I originally wanted to use your photos for the breaks in between the articles but I found out a color version costs 5 times more then black and white and your photos are so beautiful they need to be seen in color so the back cover of the serial would be good. My friend Kayla is doing the front cover art for it. I hope this all sounds good. :)

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