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A piece in my puzzle

Published January 26, 2014 by Dreamreflector

In my previous post I said I might be doing a post about my personal dream come true, my boyfriend. We’ve been together for eight months, and though I was happy before him, I am definitely even more happy right now. I know eight months is not a lot in relationships, and am realistic about our love, but I still feel like celebrating a bit. And to be honest, even though I love to take and post my photography, and you guys seem to enjoy looking at them (for which I’m very grateful for) this blog was originally started for me to nurture my dreamscapes and as my early readers would know, having this relationship is a major dream come true for me. So, on with a quick revisit to the roots of this blog C:

Before I met my boyfriend, I had spent hours and hours thinking about what it would be like to have someone like that. I dreamed about candle lit dinners, kissing under the fireworks, sitting close to each other at the cafeteria, watching the sunset with him gently smoothing my hair, having long, deep conversations about things that matter, and long, deep kisses after the conversations. Boy, I could fill a book with those.

Looking back, it’s fair to say that my prince charming had a lot to live up to. Now, as I have found someone to be that for me, (and someone who wants me to be the princess for him), I have found that not everything will be like I dreamed it would. Some things are better than I imagined; I never thought I’d be able to be so completely comfortable around someone who I’m not related to. I had imagined, that I could never completely let down my guard with a man. Of course I dreamed that we would be close, but I was expecting to constantly having to check that I’m putting the best foot forward, to keep the filter between my mind and mouth, to make sure not to say or do something that might make him freak out or stop loving me. I feel more at ease with him, than I have felt with any other guy. And really, that’s one of the reasons why I love him. Of course, my dreams are not being met the whole time. We both make mistakes. There really is no way for two imperfect people to be perfect together. But that’s okay; perfection’s really only a reflection of the godly world we all spend our lives reaching for.

Typing these scattered words, I feel there’s so much more to say, so much more emotion to convey, but I have no way to let it all out. To me that shows that what we’ve got is pretty close to perfection after all. This life is but a never ending quest to find the pieces to one’s own personal puzzle, and I am one piece closer to finishing mine.

Here are a few pictures of us ^^




Listen to our song :3 “Pieces” by Cider Sky <3


Knocking on wood

Published September 21, 2012 by Dreamreflector

Finally I’m in the train again! Which means the internet works, which means here are the pictures I promised ^^



I just love to be in the woods. If only I had more time for it. And of course this little greenery is not a proper forest. But it’s still pretty C:

A dream quote for today: “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” Don’t let the fear get you!

More about my Juhannus

Published June 24, 2012 by Dreamreflector

I promised more photos from our Finnish Juhannus, so here they are C:

The encounter with this little mink was totally unexpected. We both froze for a few seconds, but luckily I managed to fiddle the camera to take this photo before the guy came back to his senses and swam away. He too had a nice Midsummer feast coming up, at least judging by that poor duck.

The Yellow Irises were in full bloom on Juhannus. The bright yellow colour made a reflection to the surface of the lake too C:

This is a part of a tiny island we saw while boating. The islands terrain is like this all around, which is probably why the island is known as “Kallio Saari” -Cliff Island. It’s area is less than a kilometer, and it only has one summer cottage, meaning that the person owning the cottage, has the whole island to themselves. Pretty nice?

These Water Striders had it going on. And to be fair, Juhannus is for many, a time to drink, hook up with a hot hunk and have feverish animalistic sex. Not for me though :D At least not yet.

The Midsummer night is traditionally a night of love and magic. Flowers are tucked under pillows in the hopes of seeing one’s future spouse, women stand around wells, lakes, and ponds, nude, hoping to see they’re future husband on the surface of the water, and perhaps most extremely, a woman must go to a crossroads with three ways, stand in the middle of the crossroads, remove all her clothes, and then sweep a portion of each three ways. It is believed, that by doing so, the woman is making way for her future husband, who will then come to her. There are many many more tricks to be done on Juhannus night, but many of them are not commonly used of course :D How ever the flowers under the pillow is something I’ve done every year since I can remember, the husband is yet to be seen, but it is great fun!

A dream quote (well, sort of) for today, fitted for the Juhannus nights spirit of love: “Dream of me,” he said. “Dream of you? I’m doing that while I’m awake.”  Oh, how true ;)

Blessings through raindrops

Published February 6, 2012 by Dreamreflector

It’s a new day in paradice, by which of course I mean my dreamworld. Although that’s not really paradice either come to think of it. The paradice is gone for us, as you may know, but luckily heavens awaiting C: But back to my daily dreaming routine then. In the previous posts, I have been talking about the delicate matters of a first kiss. If you haven’t read them you might want to check them out, they are headlined “Dream beautiful, dream extreme” and “May the kiss be bliss”.

Today I have been thinking about the possibility of kissing in the rain. It really is a common cliche and standard stuff in romantic movies and such, and the Internet is flooded with pictures about happy smiling couples kissing away in the downpour. But really I can’t seem to get my head around the combo, I mean it’s rain! It’s cold and wet and sad. Where does the picture of romantic happiness come from? I mean rain is alright, when it’s just a light cooling drizzle at the end of a smoldering hot day in July. I get that. But what about the sping showers, or the half freezed raindrops in October that pinch your face and make your eyes water! Where’s the romance in that?

I mean I like rain. It can be beautiful, it gives nature a boost, it refreshes and revives. I don’t hate rain. I just fail to see the romantic aspect in it. And water in itself is necessery for life. I mean a normal woman is 60 prosent water! And water is habitat for many beautiful creatures like fish and coral and many birds C: And it creates the lakes that are the pride and joy of my country.

Here are a few wet photos I’ve taken, featuring water in different forms C:

A water strider in mid jump :D These guys are so amazing

My garden fountain C: It’s small but it makes such a difference.

A little fish <3

A sunset from one of our countryes many lakes. This one is about ten minutes from my house by foot. I just love it! Gives me inspiration, a place to relax and great photos.

Like the tittle says “blessing through raindrops”. I got the inspiration for this picture from this beautiful song by Laura Story

This really is an incredible song and very important to me <3

And here is a dream quote for today: “The best things in life are unseen, thats why we close our eyes when we kiss cry and dream.”

Step into the rain!