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How to untangle a mind at a melt down

Published December 5, 2013 by Dreamreflector

I’ve been a poor blogger again. And I’ve been crazy busy, which is not new either. One day, after having spent quite a few hours desperately trying to grasp the concept of type 2 nucleofilic substitution (aka some mind boggling chemistry shit), I wondered what could clear out the cluttered recesses of my mind.

Oh, photography!  I’ll just take my tripod and take some beautifully crisp and clear evening shots by the beach…. Waaaaiiiiit. How’s crisp and clear gonna relate to me when I’m more coarse and chaotic?  

With that, I ditched the whole serenity theme, and the tripod, and went all out with some really abstract light graffiti photography. A great way to unwind!






Once again, no photoshop or anything the likes of used. Just added the signature with Paintbrush.

A dream quote for today: “Follow your dreams, they know the way” – Kobe Yamada


It’s like a walk in the park

Published July 15, 2013 by Dreamreflector

I really am an evening person. I love how the light quietly softens and finally creeps away. I love how the streetlights start switching on, one by one. I love it when the birds of the day get quiet and the mysterious night singers start. I love to see the shadows of threes and buildings change shape. I love the idea that any time now is the moment when you could get away with anything. I love how the city gets quiet. I love how all the benches in the park are unoccupied. I really love the night.

However, today there is a festival by the name of Ilosaarirock in town. I can here the music right now, inside my apartment. This city, as most cities in Finland, is usually very safe, even by night. But today, with 22 000 metal heads hanging around I really did feel a teensy bit uneasy when thinking about going for a walk at night. So, I had to reschedule my walk for earlier. I took my camera along just in case, and indeed, it was like a walk in the park to take some pictures on a walk in a park by the river.

Enjoy! C:


I was really intrigued by the difference in the calmness of the river on the opposite sides of the water divider.


The lake was not calm at all.


On my way back, I saw these guys on their evening fishing trip. It may not be apparent in the silhouette, but these men were definitely the embodiment of three generations in their family. How traditional ^^

Today’s dream quote: “Living your dreams is not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you that makes you live your dreams.” ^^

And the fox lit his fire

Published March 19, 2013 by Dreamreflector

I’ve been crazy busy studying, but finally finally finally I have something nice to show you. And it’s a treat too, at least for me :D The northern lights blazed in the skies in the whole of Finland, including the southern parts, last night. The appearance of the northern lights in the south is pretty rare, so there are probably a lot of pictures floating around, but here’s my take on them! ^^

And why the peculiar name to this post? In Finnish the northern lights are referred to as Revontulet which literally means “The foxes fires”. Apparently the early finns came to the conclusion that the northern lights appear when a fox runs in the mountains, and it’s tail hits the snowbanks creating sparks that then flash in the sky. Most of us know, of course, that the lights are actually caused by small electrons carried from space  hitting the upper layer of the atmosphere, but that’s just no fun, right? :D

Please enjoy the photos! C:




Please note the cute couple in the last picture. They where having a romantic walk and they stopped for a sweet moment under the northern lights. And just in the right spot to get into my picture too ^^ So cute C:

And a dream quote for today: “If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs!”

And I just can’t not share this with you: I have fallen in love with this artist by the name of Foxes. A very talented lady and amazingly whimsical music. Go listen to this right now, the song is called Let Go for Tonight ->

“Fell from the sky/ We fell from the sky and started walking/ leaving our footprints on the ground” <3


Surreal night scapes

Published November 28, 2012 by Dreamreflector

I took an other shot at shooting night scapes last night. I ended up with pictures that look pretty cool, but are far from realistic. I still have a lot to learn about night photography, and I do feel that the settings were closer to the right ones on the first try, but no matter. Here are a few surreal night scapes, hope you like them.

NOTE: I have not edited the colors or light afterwards. The only thing I’ve done to these post shooting was straightening the horizon in one picture.

This is the city church. The picture was taken at about 12.15 am. and you can see the stars, but the lighting is very surreal :D It still looks cool to me though. And the glow in the upper right corner is actually the moon in case someones wondering.

I’ve always been a fan of reflections and the city lights reflecting to the water was a pretty inspiring sight. I could so easily imagine making a painting or fabric from the patterns… If I only knew how

It might be just me but I really feel there is an armageddonish feel to this picture. The blurriness of the clouds is due to the combination of their rabid movement and my cameras long shutter time :D

A nearby street with a familiarly surreal look. Realistic? – Not really. Beautiful? – Absolutely.

A dream quote for today: “Dreams are the seedlings of realities.” ^^

Stargazing – a first

Published November 14, 2012 by Dreamreflector

For so long I have wanted to go out at night and take pictures of the stars. Yesterday evening as I was coming home from a meeting with the second sopranos of our choir around midnight, I noticed the sky was nearly cloudless and full of starts. So I decided it would be a good time to try some star photography. I haven’t gotten a perfect hang of it yet obviously, and I could only take a few shots before the battery of my camera failed, but I did get a few reasonable shots. And I saw some Aurora borealis too. They were pretty modest but still. I’m definitely going to work on this night photography concept more in the future.

Please enjoy the photos! ^^

Now I do realize there is a lot of room for improvement in these photos (and that especially the last one of these is drastically out of focus). But as this was my first attempt at this, I feel like I did fairly well. In fact I feel proud that I finally got a grip of myself and tried this having thought about for quite long.

A dream quote for today: “Close your ears to all adverse suggestions. Never mind if people call you a fool and a dreamer. Dream on.” <3



A Summer Night

Published July 4, 2012 by Dreamreflector

I have really fell in love with this song by the Finnish band Pariisin kevät (literally “The Spring in Paris”) called Kesäyö – A Summer Night. It really has the perfect atmosphere for my summer, as it is beautiful, but a bit melancholic. Here are the lyrics translated in English by me, and some of my photographs fitted for the theme C: Please enjoy!

A Summer Night

I sat in the twilight

a moment started that

felt like it would never end.

The silence arrived to me for a while

arrived like a creature and yelled:

“Don’t be afraid of the world!”

We sat together for a while

and the space was looking at us.

And outside, a summer night

it rained tears on faces

And outside, a summer night

it rained tears on faces

I wake up on a beach,

the night is brighter than the day

the spots of light in the sky

glide to the morning

I have forgotten, from where I came here

I cloak myself in the cloak of oblivion.

But I remember squadrons,

that flew to the horizon.

And outside, a summer night

it rained tears on faces

And outside, a summer night

it rained tears on faces


I sit in the twilight

I am still waiting for the moment that never ends.

I wish the silence would arrive

and tell me how everything disappears eventually.

I see the lights in the sky

And shivers run down my back.

And outside, a summer night

it rained tears on faces

And outside, a summer night

it rained tears on faces

And outside, a summer night

it rained tears on faces

And out side, a summer night

it rained on faces


And this is me enjoying the summer night ;D

And a dream quote for today: “When a person truly desires something, all the Universe conspires to help that person realize his dream.” ^^