The things I love to love <3

This here is quite simply a list of the things I like, they are in no particular order, and I will be adding to this. I think it is really important that we recognize even the smallest things that give us joy, so I hope while you are reading these you will remember all the things you love.

  • The smell of woods in the summer
  • Daydreaming
  • Foxes (The artist)
  • Sliding across the floor with my socks
  • Listening to someone’s heart beat
  • The feeling you get after a good cry
  • When someone comes to an event to support me
  • The way streetlights shine on wet pavements on rainy nights
  • When everyone in the car starts singing along to song that’s playing
  • Ben and Jerry’s ice cream
  • Apple juice
  • Snowflakes
  • Photography
  • Baking
  • Decorating
  • Busting into a crazy dance when a good song comes up
  • Developing film photographs
  • Having fun in a bar even though I don’t drink
  • My friends
  • Pizza
  • Music
  • Jesus
  • Stepping on crunchy-looking leaves on the ground
  • Bubblewrap
  • Sitting down when you have walked sooo much
  • Standing up when you have been seated for sooo long
  • The feeling of achievement when you have successfully untangled your headphones
  • When someone says the advice you gave was helpful
  • Seeing the moon is full
  • The noise soda can’s make when they’re opened
  • Making the first tracks in fresh snow
  • When you make it inside just before the rain starts
  • The moment when you find one more good candy from the bottom of the bag when you thought they were all gone
  • Looking in the fridge and seeing it’s full
  • When someone asks you how you are and actually wants to know
  • Feeling confident when turning in your exam
  • Swinging
  • Cotton candy
  • Bonding with someone you never expected to
  • Being forgiven
  • When my birthday month has the best picture on the calendar
  • Having something to look forward to
  • Having all the ingredients needed for a recipe
  • Being succesful in drawing a straight line freehand
  • Seeing bus drivers wave at each other
  • Finding out that someone likes me
  • Those old favourite jeans
  • Puppies
  • Blowing the seeds of a dandelion
  • Singing
  • Drawing
  • Swimming in a lake
  • Midsummer
  • Christmas
  • Donuts
  • Hot chocolate with whipped cream on top
  • Woollen socks
  • Getting letters
  • The feeling of release after taking of my pantyhose
  • The Titanic movie
  • Leona Lewis
  • Those days when there’s nothing you have to do
  • Swamps
  • Squirrels
  • The moment when you look in the mirror and think “I look hot”
  • Compliments
  • The days when my hair will actually agree with me
  • A good nights sleep
  • The moment when you are so tired that everything is funny
  • Inside jokes and nicknames with my friends
  • The feeling when you flip the pillow and the other side is heavenly chilly
  • Walking barefoot
  • The feeling you get when you suddenly master something you have been trying to learn
  • The moment during an argument when the person debating with me realises they’re wrong and I’m right
  • Nature
  • Reindeer
  • Cuddly toys
  • Blue
  • Strawberries
  • When people are protective of me
  • Being the first to know something
  • The movie Notting Hill
  • Mountain Dew
  • Enthusiastic people
  • Fashion
  • Sausage dogs
  • Iced tea
  • Movie theater popcorn
  • Quotes
  • The movie Pretty Woman
  • Taking long showers
  • Smiling and getting a smile in return
  • The moment I realise my hiccups are gone
  • When someone is exited to see me
  • Suprising people with a talent they never knew I had
  • When someones laugh is funnier than the joke
  • Being in a great mood for no particular reason
  • Long, tight hugs
  • Finding that the last piece of discount clothing is just my size
  • Freshly baked bread
  • Making someone who looks sad smile
  • Walking into a public bathroom and realising it’s clean, not completely icky like I thought it would be
  • Accidentaly finding something you weren’t looking for but love
  • YouTube Narnia
  • The innocence of a child
  • When someone says something I was just thinking
  • Finding a new path in a forest
  • When something I expected to be great turns out even better
  • Fire places and campfires
  • Frecles

6 comments on “The things I love to love <3

    • Indeed C: The world needs it. And I am going to add a lot more to the list as I come up with things :D I only started this blog like a week ago so that’s only the things I came up with in that time C;

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